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kait mcneilly

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A close-up photo of the author, Kait McNeilly.

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ephemeral arteries

Kait McNeilly's debut collection of poetry explores her grief, love, spirituality, and occasional derealization. This 70-page self-published book began as a coping mechanism and bloomed into a personal testament to how it feels in the lead up to, and in the wake of, a close personal death. 

Color image of the cover of ephemeral arteries.
A close-up photo of the author, Kait McNeilly.

about kait mcneilly

Kait is a moonlighting poet and the author of ephemeral arteries, her first collection of work. This book is a monument to love and grief, and had been her coping mechanism for nearly five years. She studied English at a small college in rural North Carolina, where she still resides with her partner and her pets.

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